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Considering what is at stake, students readily pay thousands of dollars to be assured of passing the National Boards. There are many study / review programs available and most of these come with a hefty price tag. While they are effective, they are all based on Old School Learning.

In contrast, the iSuperLearn program utilizes cutting edge technology to harness the phenomenal power of whole brain learning. The iSuperLearn system is a quantum leap forward and the growing library of programs is being made available at a nominal subscription fee.

The iSuperLearn course material is organized by subject matter; each consisting of audios which create a highly accelerated learning experience and are coupled with a dynamic e-learning platform that quadruples memory retentions and builds exam confidence to ensure that you pass the licensing exam with ease. The e-learning platform is an integral part of the superlearning process and has been developed to allow you to specifically track and reinforce your personal progress.

The price of the iSuperLearn system has been deliberately kept low so that students can participate and benefit, regardless of their personal finances. Charging US$1500 for full access while certainly indicative of the program's true value, would limit access to only a handful of financially well-off students. Instead, for a nominal subscription fee, you can have a learning experience that you will never forget and one that would last you an entire lifetime. It is part of our way of giving back to the profession that has allowed us to enjoy the tremendous joy of making a difference in people's lives.

Unlimited access to the use of the e-learning platform PLUS the entire library of audios is now available for a nominal subscription. It is intended that any student would avail him/herself of this incredible opportunity to harness his/her true potential to become an outstanding medical professional.

Medical professionals always conduct themselves in a truly responsible and ethical manner. Please help us to promote and maintain the availability of this unique learning system by encouraging others to visit the website and conduct themselves accordingly.

Piracy, wanton distribution of the iSuperLearn audios and/or sharing of membership access login information {tracked by IP address} will result in immediate termination of subscription privileges.

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A significant portion of each subscription fee goes towards funding a multitude of educational and health programs in Third World countries. Please visit the “Humanitarian Efforts” page for a few snapshots of some of the on-going projects which are in part made possible by the contribution of your subscription fee. To visit click here.