iSuperLearn supports and funds a multitude of on-going educational and health programs in Third World communities.

  • Breakfast & Lunch programs for primary school kids.
  • Computer rooms in schools.
  • Building and maintaining playgrounds / outdoor sport facilities for youths.
  • Participation and sponsorship for Habitat for Humanity projects.
  • Contributing to and funding volunteer medical teams doing amazing humanitarian work in the Caribbean, Central and South America and various relief efforts in times of natural or manmade disasters.
  • Rabies Lab in Haiti.

You can be proud that a portion of your Subscription fee is hard at work making a significant difference in the lives of others.


Supported Programs


  • Amerindian villagers awaiting Medical care - 2011


  • Donated eye care equipment for use in the Amazon - 2011



  • Refractometer in use - 2011


  • On the ground in Haiti - 2010